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PAN India Audits

These nature of audits pertain to conduct of audit related services for various clients in various States and in many locations/ cities/towns and villages in India.

These audits are conducted under specific instructions of the client on scheduled dates in all months.

Mostly these nature of audits are repetitive in nature conducted regularly, timely and across various locations in India.

These audits are executed by staffs employed – at Head office, Branches and Channel Partners (CP’s) CA firms who have affiliated and empanelled with NSB & Co to execute assignments for compliance under strict quality parameters and adherence to guidelines laid out by NSB& Co for deliverables and timely reporting of completed assignments.

The reporting timelines TAT normally varies within 1 to 7 days of completion of audit.

Normally, various audits executed under PAN India Audits by NSB & Co include:

  1. Stock Verification/ Stock audit on location of banks borrower.
  2. Fixed Asset Verification/Fixed Asset audit on location of banks borrower, banks, insurance Companies.
  3. Retail Branch audits on behalf of the Banks and NBFC.
  4. Accounts payable audits
  5. Accounts receivable audits
  6. Collection agency audits
  7. Currency Chest audits
  8. Branch Snap Audits of Banks, NBFC and Insurance Companies
  9. Mystery shopping
  10. ATM audits
  11. Bill discounting
  12. Due Diligence
  13. Forex audits
  14. Loans verification/Audit for Housing Companies (Loan against securities (LAS), Loan against Property (LAP), Car Loan, Jewel/Gold Loans, Unsecured Loans, , Secured Loan, Housing loan)
  15. Audit of Money Transfer agencies.
  16. Audit of Stock Broker Agencies/Authorised persons